How the moon from late spring to early summer flushes the crab from the harbor into the pass. Where the tarpon become so frenzied in feeding on the crab that they roll the surface of the water. That is the legendary hill tide. It has lured sport fishermen from all over the world to this very spot for over 100 years. Undoubtedly, those deep-water adventurers would yearn to live here.

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Bal Harbour Model

Ground Floor: 6,071 SF
Second Floor A/C: 2,638 SF
Third Floor A/C: 2,266 SF
Total A/C Space: 5,198 SF

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Beacon Model

Ground Floor: 5,583 SF
First Living Level A/C: 2,963 SF
Second Living Level A/C: 1,829 SF
Total A/C Space: 4,792 SF

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San Soucci Model

Ground Floor: 2,911
Second Floor A/C: 1,542 SF
Total A/C Space: 4,712 SF

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