Linger over lunch as long as you like. Join the gang for drinks. Or accept that invite for the afternoon cruise to Cayo Costa. Should be fun. There’s a seafood beach barbecue and cocktail party planned. Maybe more of a picnic if nobody catches anything tasty. Obviously, you could spend all day on the golf course or simply hang out by the pool at the club. That’s island life.


Ameila Model

Ground Floor A/C (Lower Foyer): 243 SF
First Floor A/C: 2,312 SF
Second Floor A/C: 1,708 SF
Total A/C Space: 4,263 SF

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Ana Maria Model

Ground Floor A/C: 2,198 SF
Second Floor A/C: 1,379 SF
Total A/C Space: 3,577 SF

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Captiva Model

Ground Floor A/C: SF
Second Floor A/C: SF
Third Floor A/C: SF
Total A/C Space: SF

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Cayo Costa Model

Ground Floor A/C: 2,316 SF
Second Floor A/C: 1,430 SF
Total A/C Space: 3,746 SF

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Gasparilla Model

Ground Floor A/C: 3,013 SF
Second Floor A/C: 1,743 SF
Total A/C Space: 4,756 SF

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Sanibel Model

Ground Floor A/C (Lower Foyer): 200 SF
First Floor A/C: 2,804 SF
Total A/C Space: 3,004 SF

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Useppa Model

Ground Floor A/C: 3,126 SF
Second Floor A/C: 1,673 SF
Total A/C Space: 4,799 SF

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